the reason why everything to do with social justice is dismissed as “recent” and “stemming from Tumblr”, is because before internet blogs took rise, it was much easier to ignore and deny the existence of the complaints. Even after the rise of blogs, it was easy to avoid those sites.

can’t avoid them now hahahaha

absolutely. many people confuse their first exposure to social justice dialogues with “this is where it comes from.”

another thing people think is unique to tumblr is the way we express ourselves—poc saying they hate white people, “heterophobia”, “cisphobia”, “misandry”, etc.—but again, not unique to tumblr and did not begin with tumblr. just people’s first exposure to it. 

when people say “tumblr social justice,” i see it as a rhetorical strategy to discount it by implying that if it only comes from this once source (which it doesn’t), it’s disingenuous or inauthentic or a hive-mind phenomenon. it brings the focus on the source instead of the content, or what’s at stake. to use a phrase not unique to tumblr but used on tumblr often, bringing the focus back to tumblr itself is, well, derailing. 

there’s no denying that “SJWs” have carved out a safe space to express themselves on tumblr and there probably is a culture that’s particular to tumblr, but at the risk of sounding trite, people have been doing this since the beginning of time. even without the internet, even without print, people make spaces for themselves where they can riff against the dominant culture that oppresses them in ways that would be totally unacceptable in their everyday lives. i can see how that would be extremely threatening to people in proximity to it but not a part of it.

and that’s why people rightfully point out a huge difference between discourse on tumblr and discourse in everyday life. because the reason the safe space is needed in the first place is because of the ramifications of even much more mild complaints. 


25 year old Chen Yen-hui recreates makeup looks from the Tang dynasty

People gotta signal boost the fuck out of this because you know it won’t get the attention it deserves till a white girl copies it

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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.










on originality (fuck it)


Nothing kills a writer’s spirit more than excitedly telling someone their story idea, only to be told ‘oh so-and-so wrote that.’ The word originality gets thrown around a lot, often about lofty literary books no one wants to read or used to taunt genre writers. Be original. You can’t be interesting if you’re not original.

Who the fuck cares about being original?

No one can write your story but you. It doesn’t matter if the general theme or the vaguest plot summary has been done before. It’s your story. Your experiences and what you bring into it make it unique.

Don’t make the mistake of trying too hard. The ‘I have to make this different’ mantra has ruined many a good story. Follow your instincts. It will save you a lot of hassle down the road.

Write what you want. I don’t care if it’s been written before. Do you know how many decent ‘person gets sent to magical school’ books out there before and after Harry Potter? Do what you want!

The great thing about writing the story you want to read is you’re doing it because no one else has. not quite in the way you want. That’s where the originality comes from, not forced quirkiness that is painful to write and comes off hollow.

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i don’t trust people who are super into “proper grammar” and “correct punctuation” because what lies just beyond that smug superiority is some sinister classism that gets acutely racist in a red hot minute, so for similar reasons I’m instantly wary of anyone who takes great pride in their love of “logic” and “intellect” 

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